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Revision History Archive

2.1.4 UI enhancements/fixes to automatic playlist rule editor. You can now optionally delete the playlist on the player when you delete an automatic playlist rule.
2.1.3 Fixed bug in tag-renaming. New -playlist option which causes TDT to scan all the files, update the auto-playlists and exit without rewriting the DB. New "%Y#" tag renaming syntax to insert 1980s, 1990s, 2000s etc. for the release year.
2.1.2 The publisher and comment tag fields can now be use in tag-renaming with the %P and %C codes respectively. Some helpfile improvements.
2.1.1 New ":n" modifier in tag-renaming, e.g. "%L:2" would be replaced with the first two characters of the album artist.
2.1.0 The auto-playlists have been enhanced to allow searching based on bit-rate, publisher or comment as well as the previous choices. Clicking on a URL in the FAQ or with a playlist item's details now acts correctly.
2.0.9 New -undo_rename command-line option which causes TDT to undo any file-renaming and exit immediately without displaying a window.
2.0.8 Fixed incorrect display of VBR bitrate with MP3 files. New Options|Advanced|Ignore Dotted Files menu item to make TDT ignore files whose name starts with "." – Apple's iTunes makes files named like this which could crash TDT.
2.0.7 Some UI improvements. Improved support for OGG tags.
2.0.6 You can now ignore the "Album Artist" tag with Options|Advanced|Ignore "Album Artist" – this will revert to the old method for calculating the album artist. The playlist editor has had a major overhaul. Play with it...
2.0.5 New Properties menu item added to playlist editor context menu to show all tag information. You can now use a song's release year in the auto-playlist rules.
2.0.4 There is now only one way to scan the tags (i.e. fast tag scanning is no longer used, except for Mono builds, but neither is the older, slower method using SHELL32.DLL.) A new field has been added to the Rename Files From Tags dialog, %Y, which inserts the release year into the the file-name (%Y: inserts the decade, e.g. 60s, 70s).
2.0.3 Fast tag reading is now more forgiving of poorly tagged files and now supports ID3v2 tags in WMA files. Album artists are now read from the tags (if present) with fast tag reading – this also fixes the "Best Of" bug. Fast tag reading is now compatible with ID3v2.1 and ID3v2.2 tags.
2.0.2 Fixed bug introduced into 2.0.0 which caused ID3v2 tags to be ignored when fast tag reading MP3 files.
2.0.1 Tab-delimited output of saved Details has been improved for easier importation into a spreadsheet program, for example. Tag-scanning performance has been improved. Folders excluded with Options|Exclude Folders are now saved on the player in a file called ExcludeFolders.ini (previously they were stored in tdt.ini) so that the exclusions move with the player, not the PC. Fixed minor UI bug in playlist editor.
2.0.0 WAV files with ID3v1 tags can now be added if the Options|Advanced|Scan WAV Files menu item is set. Folders can be dropped on the Options|Exclude Folders dialog. Some performance enhancements.
1.9.9 Folders can now be dropped onto the playlist editor to add all files in a folder (and its sub-folders). Files/folders dropped onto the main window will now create a new playlist. The information in the Details window can now be saved as a tab-delimited file. Automatic playlists are now created in \Playlists\Automatic.
1.9.8 Documentation and installer changes to reflect compatibility with iRiver H3x0 players. FAQ has been updated. Tooltip help can be switched off with Options|Advanced|Show ToolTips.
1.9.7 Users with high DPI screens can now use the automatic playlist rule editor, and the Edit|Rename Files From Tags and Options|Exclude Folders dialogs.
1.9.6 The up and down arrow keys on the keyboard can now be used to move single files up or down the playlist in the playlist editor.
1.9.5 You can now create new playlists or edit old ones with the File|New Playlist and File|Edit Playlist menu items.
1.9.4 A list of folders to exclude from the scanning process can now be specified using the Options|Exclude Folders menu item if you'd rather not use TDT_IGNORE files.
1.9.3 TDT now has a new icon. Minor UI improvements.
1.9.2 Playlists can be created of all the albums, artists or genres with the Edit|Create Playlists From menu item. This, for example, lets you create a playlist for every album on your player.
1.9.1 You can now specify the size of the character groups used with the "#" modifier to the tag-rename pattern, e.g. with "%L#3", album artists would be grouped in "A-C", "D-F", "G-I" and so on. Help buttons added to some dialogs.
1.9.0 More improvements to the Help|About TDT window. Fixed typos in tool-tips in the automatic playlist editor window.
1.8.9 Fixed bug in tag-renaming introduced in version 1.8.7 which caused all files to be renamed with "-0000" at end of file name when renaming for a second time.
1.8.8 The Help|About TDT window now has some graphics. Typos in FAQ have been fixed.
1.8.7 Empty folders created as a result of Edit|Rename Files From Tags can now be deleted by using the command-line option -empty, or by checking the Options|Advanced|Delete Empty Folders menu item.
1.8.6 The Edit|Rename Files From Tags process has been altered so that it now creates all the folders required before it renames any of the files.
1.8.5 More UI improvements to automatic playlist rule editor. FAQ has been updated.
1.8.4 UI improvements to automatic playlist rule editor.
1.8.3 When the automatic playlists have been edited, TDT will now write the playlists the rules generate when the user clicks on the Save button.
1.8.2 A new modifier for the tag-renaming codes has been added, "#" which groups the code (genre, title etc.) alphabetically from its first character into "A-F", "G-M" etc.
1.8.1 The Shuffle in auto playlists is more random. Help file improvements.
1.8.0 There is now an Any Is:/Any Is Not: input pattern in the automatic playlist editor.
1.7.9 Minor UI improvements to automatic playlist rule editor and tag-renaming window. File truncation is now switched off when the program is first installed.
1.7.8 The automatic playlists have been enhanced. Now you can select a different pattern for each of the tags, e.g. to make a playlist of all tracks with 60s for a genre except for songs by The Beatles. Any existing automatic playlists will be lost, sorry, as an entirely new format is used for the AutoPlaylist.ini file.
1.7.7 TDT now doesn't care about the case of OGG tags. This resolves many tag issues with OGG files.
1.7.6 You can now rename files without moving them in the Edit|Rename Files From Tags window with the Do Not Move checkbox.
1.7.5 Trailing/leading spaces in album names etc. no longer causes TDT to crash with tag-based renaming. WMA and ASF files which do not contain tags are now detected correctly with fast tag reading switched off.
1.7.4 Code cleanup and optimisations. Error messages have been improved and now TDT will not let you save an invalid regular expression in the automatic playlist rules.
1.7.3 A new menu Edit has been created and had several of the items previously in File moved to it: Auto Playlists, Rename Files From Tags, Undo Name Truncation, Clear Undo Data and Clear Internal DB.
1.7.2 The maximum and minimum song sizes in automatic playlists are now ignored with fast tag reading since this doesn't get any length information for WMA, ASF and MP3 files. Fixed minor display glitches when creating a new playlist rule.
1.7.1 The automatic playlist rule editor now has a Show button which will show a sample result of the current rule. This button is disabled if the player has not been scanned yet. A bug which caused the editor to crash when there were no rules has been fixed.
1.7.0 A GUI for automatic playlists has been added. The -? command-line option has been removed.
1.6.9 Internal cleanup and optimisations. AutoPlaylist.ini is now created if it doesn't exist.
1.6.8 The <shuffle> field of lines in AutoPlaylist.ini can now be a negative integer to indicate the maximum number of files to randomly add to a playlist.
1.6.7 Automatic playlists can now be made. This is controlled by the Options|Advanced|Make Auto-Playlists menu item and the file AutoPlaylist.ini in the root folder of your player (if it exists.)
1.6.6 You can now include a list of all files added or removed from the database or that have been renamed in the Details window by using the Options|Show In Details|Changes menu item.
1.6.5 The list of files in the Details window are now sorted by filename.
1.6.4 The tdt.db file now uses UTF-8 encoding rather than Unicode for reduced file size. Minor UI improvements.
1.6.3 TDT is now much faster as it now caches tag information in a file called tdt.db (stored in the root folder of your player.) This means that it only has to read the tags of files that have been moved or have been modified.
1.6.2 Improved the way TDT handles duplicate filenames (either from tag-renaming or name-truncation.) Improvements have been made to the installer.
1.6.1 More UI improvements. The Rename Files From Tags process now truncates any names it creates on word boundaries.
1.6.0 A new command-line option, -underscore has been added to control the replacement of space characters with underscores with tag-based file renaming. UI, helpfile and internal improvements.
1.5.9 Improvements to the way Rename Files From Tags works with characters in tag information that are not valid in file names.
1.5.8 UI improvements and internal clean-up. The command-line option, -rename, can now take an optional pattern for automatic tag-based file renaming from the command-line. The arguments to the -d, -x, etc. command-line options can now be quoted to allow space characters in the paths.
1.5.7 A new option, -rename has been added which automatically opens the Rename Files From Tags dialog when the program starts. A new shortcut has been added to the installer: Rename All Files.
1.5.6 TDT can now reorganise the music on your player, creating file and folder names from tag information, with the Edit|Rename Files From Tags menu item. A new Edit|Clear Undo Data menu item has been added which will delete the file renaming undo information stored on the player.
1.5.5 The -length option has been renamed -fasttags (although the old option still works.) The Details window now no longer has a maximum number of characters that it can display (previously only 64K characters could be displayed.) A start has been made on providing proper help for TDT.
1.5.4 The Options|Show In Details|Files menu item now works correctly...
1.5.3 You can now select what appears in the Details window via the Options|Show In Details sub-menu.
1.5.2 The version numbers have changed: 1.5.2 ⇔ 5.2, 1.5.1 ⇔ 5.1 and so on. The album artist now appears in the list of albums in the Details window. Users who have setup the colour of tooltip control backgrounds to a dark colour (with the tooltip text a light colour) will now be able to read the Details window.
5.1 The "red dot" has been added to indicate that TDT is waiting for the player to respond. The approximate length of time that TDT has spent waiting for the player is now indicated if Options|Advanced|Show Time Taken is set. 
Two new shortcuts have been added to the start menu: Build Database and Count All Music Files. TDT now asks for the device drive letter if no drive letter has been configured or set via the command-line.
5.0 Two new command-line options have been added: -details and -full_details. The Options|Device Drive Letter selection has been improved.
4.9 A deployment project has been added to TDT to create a "proper" installer. The "improved" Options menu now works, ahem...
4.8 Improvements to Options menu with new Advanced sub-menu added. A new -and option has been added to control the renaming of "and" via the command-line. The command-line options have been given more user-friendly names (the old options still work, though.)
4.7 Tag information is now included in the list of all files with Options|List All Files In Details. This will aid in finding missing tags (these are marked as "Unknown Album", "Unknown Artist" or "Unknown Genre" as appropriate.) 
You can now replace any "and" with "&" in song titles, artists etc. with the Options|Replace "And" With "&" menu option for reduced database size and so that names like "Kruder And Dorfmeister" and "Kruder & Dorfmeister" are listed as the same artist.
4.6 The file-renaming has been changed so that a -NNNN suffix is only added to the new file name if there is a naming clash, and the "simple" renaming methods now do not fall back on the "spaces" method if there is a clash. The Details window now shows the sizes of the genres etc. 
Genres, album names or artists names which differ only in case now only appear once in the database, e.g. the genres "Rock" and "rock" would only appear in the database once (in the case of the first genre of that name, here it would be "Rock".) 
A list of all files in the tag database can now be shown in the Details window with the Options|List All Files In Details menu option.
4.5 Names beginning with "A " or "An " now get the same treatment as names beginning with "The " with the Options|Move "The" To End option.
4.4 A bug introduced in version 4.3 has been fixed. TDT now works correctly with no paths supplied on the command-line.
4.3 The Details window has had its output cleaned-up and now shows total time for each of the genres, albums and artists. Changing the Options|Device Drive Letter... value now no longer requires a restart of TDT to take effect.
4.2 Improved error messages, handling, and logging. A crash caused in versions 4.0 and 4.1 with OGG files with incomplete tags has been fixed. Invalid paths are now reported correctly.
4.1 ASF files are now supported. A crash caused when reading MP3 files with Options|Fast Tag Reading has been fixed. Artists in OGG tags are now split at any "/" character to match the other file formats.
4.0 OGG files with accented characters in their tags are now processed correctly. Operating system version is now included in tdt_crash.txt.
3.9 Any "serious scanning errors" are now logged in a file called tdt_crash.txt in the root folder of your player. Please include this file with any bugs you are reporting. The serious scanning error window has been cleaned up.
3.8 "Simple" file renaming can now be done on a word boundary with the -word option and Options|Name Truncation|Cut At Word End menu item. Undoing the file renaming will now cope with the drive-letter being different from that stored.
3.7 You can now set TDT to ignore TDT_IGNORE files from the Options menu. A new menu option, Edit|Undo Name Truncation, has been added which will undo all long filename renaming. The UndoLongFilenames.bat file is now no longer used – run this file, then delete it and run TDT to move all your existing information into the new file.
3.6 A new command-line option, -ignore, has been added which will cause TDT to ignore any TDT_IGNORE files. Help menu has been cleaned up.
3.5 You can now select the drive letter (or path) for the player's database from the Options menu. The initialisation file, TDT.INI, is now only updated when the user changes an option in the Options menu or when the window is resized. This prevents command-line options from becoming default options.
3.4 Folders containing a file called TDT_IGNORE are now ignored. A numerical suffix is only added to a default truncated name if the truncated name clashes with an existing filename. The "num file/folder names too long" count is now displayed correctly after the user presses Rescan.
3.3 A new menu Options has been added to allow control over TDT's behaviour.
3.2 Accented characters are now correctly displayed in the UndoLongFilenames.bat file. Numeric genres, e.g. "(7)", are now replaced with their equivalent text form irrespective of the -length switch.
3.1 A new option, -force has been added which allows scanning to continue even after an error has happened.
3.0 A new option, -middle has been added. The number of files truncated is now displayed correctly during the counting music files phase. The UndoLongFilenames.bat file is now output in ASCII (previously UTF-8) for improved compatibility with accented characters and Windows 98/Me.
2.9 Hidden files and folder are now ignored. This avoids errors relating to the System Volume Information folder, for example.
2.8 More O/S-independence improvements. The -notag option has been added. Fixed bug with database output when -d specifies a path rather than a drive-letter.
2.7 The -length option now splits artist names at the '/' (when more than one artist has been credited) and only uses the first artist name to reduce the number of artists in the database (and to match the results you'd get without -length.)
2.6 The Details button will now give you a track count for each of the genres, albums and artists displayed. You can now save the details to a text file.
2.5 The internals of TDT have been cleaned up to make them more O/S-independent with the option to build a Mono version of TDT which doesn't rely on SHELL32.DLL. The -d option has been extended to take paths, not just drive-letters, for non-Microsoft systems, and now sets the root drive for any paths supplied to TDT that don't start with a drive-letter.
2.4 A new option -the has been added to rename song/artist/album names that start with "The" to end with ", The" instead so that they are listed alphabetically. Clicking Details will now show a list of all the genres, albums and artists scanned irrespective of whether there were any long filenames etc.
2.3 The UndoLongFilenames.bat now works for people who don't have 4NT installed on their machine – thanks go to Samuel Lai for spotting the bug and fixing this and a couple of build-related issues. First sourceforge.net hosted version.
2.2 The -length switch now also speeds up WMA tag reading for much faster scanning times.
2.1 Some bug fixes and internal improvements. The -length switch will no longer cause a crash with an MP3 file with no tags at all.
2.0 A new option, -length, has been added which results in much faster scanning times by disabling the total playing time statistic, allowing for faster MP3 processing.
1.9 Folders can now be excluded with the -x:<path> switch. Minor bug fixes and enhancements.
1.8 Performance improvements and internal clean-up.
1.7 "Simple" file renaming is now an option. Undoing the renaming is now possible with the UndoLongFilenames.bat file.
1.6 Ogg Vorbis files are now supported natively since I couldn't find any suitable shell extension to display the tag values.
1.5 Accented characters are now handled correctly. Long folder names are now truncated as well as file names.
1.4 TDT is now more accepting of files with missing tag information. A file now has to be missing song title, artist, and album name before it is considered missing tags.
1.3 The scanning process can now be paused/resumed. An exception is now raised if TDT cannot communicate with Explorer, previously it would have just reported that all files were missing tags.
1.2 Files that are unsupported by Explorer are now not added to the database and no longer cause the program to crash. If the thread which does the scanning crashes, the program now reports the exception.
1.1 Added support to remember options and window size in INI file.
              1.0 First public release.

 Copyright © 2004-2005 Ewan Cunningham