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Automatic Rule-Based Playlists


Rule-based playlists can be made by TDT, based on song-length, genre, filename, album title etc., that get updated every time you scan the player, reorganise the files or edit the rules. These playlists are always created in a folder in your player called \Playlists\Automatic. Click on Playlists|Automatic Playlists to open an editing window to create, delete or edit the rules for these playlists.

Editing Automatic Playlists

The New button allows you to create a new playlist rule, it will ask you for the name of the new playlist. The Delete button will delete the current playlist rule (and optionally deletes the actual playlist that has previously been generated by this rule.) The Rename button renames the current playlist rule. Use the combo-box to select an existing playlist rule for editing.

Use the combo-boxes to select what to match for, and click on the buttons labelled "=" to invert the match (i.e. select everything which doesn't match.) Click on Help for a partial list of the regular expression elements understood by TDT (and a link to the full list of elements at the MSDN website.) Note that for a track to be in the playlist, all the pattern-match rules must succeed. If there are no rules at all, then all the tracks in the player will be in this playlist (that satisfy the song length restrictions, if any.)

Click on Save to save all your edited and new rules (any playlists are also written), or Show to show a sample playlist for the current rule – this is disabled until TDT has scanned the player at least once. Cancel will close the editor and discard any changes.

You can also create playlists of all albums, artists or genres with the Playlists|Create Playlists From sub-menu – this will create playlists in \Playlists\Albums, \Playlists\Artists, or \Playlists\Genres as appropriate. You can manually edit any resulting playlists from either of these playlist creation methods with TDT's playlist editor.

 Copyright © 2004-2005 Ewan Cunningham