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Open Source Database/Playlist/Sync Utility for iRiver iHP-1x0/H1x0/H3x0
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Revision History

3.0.7 Initial support for DRM-protected files for players that support them.
3.0.6 UI enhancements and bug fixes. TDT will no longer crash out on startup if the player is not connected.
3.0.5 Playlist editor now has full undo/redo. UI enhancements. TDT now scans the player automatically on startup. Crash on startup with older versions of TDT now fixed.
3.0.4 New track properties window. Increased tolerance of poorly-tagged files. Improved drag'n'drop support in playlist editor. You can now view the tracks on the player as a file-tree in the playlist editor. Reduced disk space requirements on player and pc by using compression on the (now hidden) tdt.db files. New toolbar and menu re-organisation in main window.
3.0.3 All new playlist editor with much improved UI. Bug fixes.
3.0.2 New options to control the copying of files to/from PC when synchronising. Multi-language support added with Options|Move "The" To End using the Articles.ini file. The code-page used to translate to/from Unicode is now set to the user's language. Possible thread-related bugs fixed. TDT now uses version 1.0.1 of the Ogg Vorbis Library. The database can now be exported as a CSV file. UI Improvements.
3.0.1 Fixed crash in synchronisation. Filenames are now shown during scanning progress.
3.0.0 TDT now supports automatic synchronisation of files between your player and PC. A bug which caused TDT to "forget" the value of comment tags has been fixed.
2.1.6 Double-clicking on a file in the playlist editor will now open the properties window. The Show button in the automatic playlist rule editor now opens a window which allows you to double click on an individual file to get the file's detailed tag information. Internal code cleanup.
2.1.5 More UI enhancements/fixes to automatic playlist rule editor. You can now specify auto-playlists based on the "Rating" of the track (note that MP3 tag formats do not support a rating tag, so this will only be effective with OGG, WMA and ASF files.) New Rename button on auto-playlist rule editor.
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 Copyright © 2004-2005 Ewan Cunningham