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Open Source Database/Playlist/Sync Utility for iRiver iHP-1x0/H1x0/H3x0
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Installation Instructions


Simply unzip all the files in tdt.zip into any folder on your PC and run Setup.exe. To run, click on the "Start TDT" shortcut in your start-menu (in a sub-menu called "Tag Database Tool"). The first time TDT is run, it will ask you for the drive letter of your player – please ensure your player is connected to your PC before you run the program for the first time, so that the drive letter can be detected. You can click on the Options menu to configure TDT.

TDT screenshot after scanning

For information about getting Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1, go to Microsoft's "How to get .NET" web-page. Windows Media Player 9 (or later) must also be installed on the PC that TDT is run from for proper detection of WMA and MP3 files. Both of these programs can be downloaded via the Windows Update website.

TDT is provided free under the BSD license, the source code is freely available to download. This tool is provided 100% "as-is" with absolutely no support or warranty. Bug reports and feature requests may be added on the project web-site, a response is not guaranteed, though. See the project web-site also for any news or answers to common problems.

 Copyright © 2004-2005 Ewan Cunningham