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File Renaming From Tags


You can rename and reorganise your music collection from the tag information in the files on your player with TDT. Simply click on the Edit|Rename Files From Tags menu item, input your desired pattern for the new files and click on Rename. This may cause TDT to scan all the files on the HD before it renames the files, please be patient.

Renaming files from tag information

Only files that have tags are renamed/moved. If the Do Not Move checkbox is checked, files will not be moved from their current folder, only renamed. The database on your player will be updated at the end of this process – there is no need to press Rescan. Folders which contain a "TDT_IGNORE" file will be ignored, as usual. All file and folder names generated will fit in the 52-character limitation of the player. Click on Help for a complete list of all the codes you can use in the Rename Pattern.

If the Options|Advanced|Delete Empty Folders menu item is checked (or -empty is specified on the command-line) then any folders which become empty as a result of having all their files moved are deleted – this will not delete any existing empty folders on the player, only the ones made empty by the tag-renaming process.

If this process causes all the files on your player to be moved, you should experience improved startup times on your player. This is because TDT writes all the folders (in alphabetical order) at one time, increasing the probability of having all the folder information in contiguous sectors on the player's HD and reducing the time the player (apparently) spends sorting the file list.

 Copyright © 2004-2005 Ewan Cunningham