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Open Source Database/Playlist/Sync Utility for iRiver iHP-1x0/H1x0/H3x0
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Tag Database Tool 3.0.7

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Tag Database Tool (TDT) is a replacement for the software provided by iRiver for creating the tag database file, iRivNavi.iDB, which is slow and only supports MP3 tags. TDT is much quicker and supports WMA, WAV (with ID3v1 tags), ASF and OGG files as well as MP3 (ID3v1 and ID3v2 tagged) files and also supports features to customise the database. You do not have to rename all your files with the track number first when using the DB playlists if the database has been generated by TDT – avoiding that bug in the players.

TDT screenshot while scanning

Files and folders can be automatically renamed if the name exceeds the player's 52 character limitation, or can be renamed/reorganised based on the data in the tags. Rule-based automatic playlists can be created, based on song-length and/or regular-expression matching of song-titles, genres etc. Existing or new playlists can be edited using the playlist editor which fully supports drag and drop editing. TDT can be fully configured via the command-line for use in batch-files, for example – see the help file for a full list of command-line options. You can now easily synchronise files on your PC and player, preserving the folder layout on both HDs.

This program requires Microsoft .NET Framework v1.1 and Media Player 9 (or later) to be installed on your PC. See the installation instructions for more information on these and any other system requirements.

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