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Open Source Database/Playlist/Sync Utility for iRiver iHP-1x0/H1x0/H3x0
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Usage and Configuration


By default, TDT will scan all folders on your player (that are not in the list specified with Options|Exclude Folders), update any automatic playlists, and add all files it finds in the player (with tags) to the database. Simply click on Scan, wait a while, then click Close when TDT has finished. The first time TDT is run, it may take a while to scan all the files, but it will be much quicker the second and subsequent times it is used (as it will only scan new or modified files.)

TDT's Playlist Menu

If there are any files missing tags or there are any file/folder names that are too long, click on Details to get the names of the files and/or folders. Click on Details, anyway, if you want a list of all the genres, albums and artists with times, sizes and track counts. You can save this information to disk by clicking on the Save... button on the window displayed. Use File|Export Database... to save the database as a CSV file for use in other programs.

You may receive error messages about file/folder names that start or end with ".". This is due to a limitation of .NET (it removes all leading/trailing dots from a name before using it, thus these names become inaccessible.) Rename any of these files/folders manually to avoid this problem.

 Copyright © 2004-2005 Ewan Cunningham